EcoExtreme 7000 Gasification Boiler

   $ 8,000


Gasification Boiler

Gasification Boilers

Heats Spaces From 1,000 - 5,000 Square Feet

The Heiss Heaters EcoExtreme Gasification Boiler is guaranteed to be the lowest maintenance gasification stove on the market. Offering twice the amount of heat extraction as the Elite Series models, the EcoExtreme 7000 is able to heat spaces from 1,000 - 6,000 square feet with ease.

While traditional steel gasification units are designed to smolder in only the top chamber, the EcoExtreme 7000 is constructed using a revolutionary masonry material that is unaffected by extreme heat or corrosion. Our heaters burn cleaner and hotter as a result of their “ceramic effect”, resulting in a more efficient burn with no smoke emission, minimal heat emission, and only minimal creosote.

Heiss Heaters are built to last and provide, clean, green heat. Easy to install, more efficient heating, less cleaning, no
potential welds that may break, it’s apparent, Heiss Means Hot!



  • Rated Output:
  • 200,000+ BTU per Hour
  • Heating Capacity:
  • 1,000-6,000 Sq. Feet
  • Approximate Weight:
  • 4,500 lbs.
  • Unit Fittings:
  • 1” Copper Male Ends
  • Boiler Dimensions:
  • 32"W x 56"L x 48"H
  • Firebox Dimensions:
  • 24"W x 32"L X 30"H
  • Secondary Gasification Chamber:
  • 8"W x 30"L X 8"H
    With 6" Cylinder Center