About Heiss Heaters

About the Company

Heiss Heaters was founded in 2009, with a simple mission: To provide an affordable outdoor wood boiler while maintaining consumer safety and environmental standards.

After much research and development, the Heiss Heater design team manufactured an outdoor wood boiler with no corrosion and the most "thermal mass" on the market.

After many inquiries to build similar models from fellow community members, Heiss decided to launch Heiss Heaters in the hopes of providing his community with a product that was both cost effective and beneficial to the end user.  The response to the product was far greater than Heiss anticipated.

With soaring demand and minimal capital, Heiss sought adequate backing, partnering with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs in late 2010.

Now with capable manufacturing facilities and an increasing product line, Heiss Heaters has seen business triple and is now properly equipped to manufacture, deliver, and install its line of outdoor wood boilers anywhere in the Midwest area including Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

About the Heaters

Utilizing a new, patent pending hydronic outdoor wood boiler, Heiss Heaters are designed to heat homes, domestic water, pools, saunas, driveways and much more.

Heiss Heaters are a cast unit that are manufactured from a thermal mass masonry material that is unaffected by extreme temperatures or corrosion. Our heaters burn cleaner and hotter as a result of their “ceramic effect”, resulting in a more efficient burn with less smoke and only minimal creosote. This is done by the masonry material storing heat at much higher temperatures per pound then a water jacket. This heat is transfered into hundreds of feet of thick copper throughout the walls and a baffled system. Steel boilers are limited to the temperatures that the boiler is set at, limiting the units thermal mass resulting in creosote build up, less thermal heat transfer and corrosion.

All Heiss Heaters are open-systems as a separate water storage tank is installed in the furnace room, making checking and maintaining water levels a breeze. Units do not need a cement pad and can sit right on the ground. Steel units would corrode from the bottom up. Also maintenance on a Heiss Heater is nearly none. No water treatments, oiling or wet ash corroding your unit.

With multiple exterior design options and colors, with insulated stucco or choose a professionally crafted stone, or log cabin exteriors to fit the theme of any room or building. Easy to install and offering more efficient heating, Heiss Heaters are built to last and provide, clean, green heat. 

Less cleaning, no potential welds that may break, it’s apparent, Heiss Means Hot!